Michael Ansara Net Worth 2023

 The man who played Kang in three duplications of “ Star Trek,” Michael Ansara, has failed, according to his former agent.  Ansara was 91. He has starred in over 189 flicks and TV series and earned over$ 8 million throughout his career. His first places he was paid only$ 100 in the 1940’s.

The expert character actor was presumably best known for playing the Klingon leader in the original “ Star Trek” series, also again in the fabulous sci-fi series “ Star Trek Deep Space Nine” and “ Star Trek Voyager.” Ansara ended his life in his home of Calabassas California. He was married to I Conjure of Jeanie Star Barbara Eden, the couple disassociated in 1974 after having a song Matthew. Unfortunately their son passed in 2001 from a medicine overdose. In 1977 he married Beverly Kushida and the couple were still married at the time of his death. The actor has had a long career since the golden periods of Hollywood but he'd sink onsets far from the Hollywood hills. Michael Ansara was born in Syria in 1922 and his family migrated to America when he was 2 times old. He was raised in Massachusetts. His family enrolled him in acting classes as a teen to help him battle his social anxiety. It inspired him to come an actor which led him to enroll in Los Angeles City College. His first amusement experience came in the film Action in Arabia with a small walk on part. He was paid only$ 25. In 1945 he earned his Maids degree in Trades which helped launch his acting career. Ansara’s first part was in several occurrences of Alfred Hitchcock Presents followed by Broken Arrows in 1956. But his most notable part would come in 1966 when he was cast in the long handling series Star Trek. He reprised his part in the 1993 film interpretation Deep Space Nine. He has also made appearances in the classic TV series Batman asMr. Freeze.   Michael Ansara has entered a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6666 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. Following his son’s death he retired from acting to concentrate on his family. 

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