Lucas Cordali's net worth 2023

 Capital: € 2 millionAge: 52Born: 07.08.1967Country of origin: GermanySource of wealth: Singer, music producerLast updated: 2020Short introductionLucas Cordalis, made famous by the Schlager bard and father Costa Cordalis, works as a singer and music producer in Mallorca.

Early life

Lucas Cordalis was brought into the world in August 1967 to a Greek vocalist and his significant other Ingrid in Frankfurt aM. Indeed, even as a kid, he effectively took an interest as an ensemble vocalist in his dad's creations.

At four years old he disclosed his first appearance close by his dad and from that point on sang consistently in Papa's ensemble. He is additionally exceptionally dynamic in the famous melody Anita. 
In 1997 Cordalis began a sentiment with the vocalist Jasmin Wagner ("Blümchen"). The partition trailed four years. In February 2014, the course was set for extraordinary exposure, which is relied upon to proceed right up 'til today. After a contact with religion blonde Daniela Katzenberger, he rapidly gets along with her. Their youngster, little girl Sophia, was brought into the world in 2015. The two just wedded in Bonn in June 2016. The wedding was viewed as a vainglorious dream wedding. Katzenberger, which has now become incredibly renowned, broadcast the wedding as an unscripted TV drama and even transmission it live on TV. Beginning around 2014 Cordalis has over and again partook in various game shows on German TV and surprisingly won the last when the captivated. The property of Cordalis expanded from one year to another, precise subtleties are not known. It will likely be two or three million, particularly since his late dad will doubtlessly have left him with some cash.


Lucas Cordalis scarcely showed up as a name until the 1990s. Up to that point, he had been associated with his dad's various creations. By the by, the crowd didn't see him as a free craftsman. His free melodic profession started in 1997 with the tune "Viva la noche" joined by his renowned dad and sister Angeliki Cordalis. The tune turned into a hit. He could regularly be heard on the radio and in discos. Terrible tongues guaranteed at the time that the renowned dad attempted to carry his child into the public media business. Most likely the two sides will have profited from one another, on the grounds that the dad didn't get more youthful by the same token. Various live exhibitions followed for the Trio Cordalis. They were welcome to numerous TV programs and from that point on they were continually found in German-talking nations. The sister before long decoupled thus father and child were welcome visitors as a team in the ZDF TV garden, in the MDR riverboat and on the ARD program "In every case Again Sundays". The two specialists additionally showed up more every now and again on "Get Fun" on ARD and on the ZDF hit march. Lucas just showed up as a soloist every once in a while. In 2002 the Cordalis child moved to the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. Here he established his record name Supersonic Entertainment Mallorca. He promptly set up his own sound review. Since moving to Spain, he was the main writer and maker.

Career highlights

His dad's features were his until the turn of the thousand years. The triumphs of his dad emanated to him and prompted the present music maker presence, which happens more behind the scenes than out in the open. Up until now, more than ten million of his accounts have been sold. His interest is disseminated as organizations, texts or CD creations. He was given a few platinum and gold honors. Notwithstanding specialists like David Hasselhoff or DJ Bobo, he likewise worked with others as a maker and remixer, consistently in his own studio. With "Child Come Back" he created a super hit for the gathering Worlds Apart, with which they got into the best ten out of 15 nations. In France alone, the tune sold multiple million duplicates. In the RTL show "I'm a star – get me out of here!" his dad was delegated ruler of the wilderness. Lucas Cordalis delivered the relating single "Wilderness King". He was in the German top ten single diagrams for quite some time. Cordali's dad kicked the bucket in July 2019 after a genuine ailment. You surely don't need to stress over Lucas. His abundance, along with his more youthful spouse's benefits, ought to be adequate to have a lighthearted existence.

Amazing facts

In the wake of winning the Schlag-lair Raab game, Lucas Cordalis brought home 100,000 euros. His significant other Daniela Katzenberger was likely more than glad with regards to winning the intense straight on duel. Lucas guaranteed her that piece of the triumph reward would be utilized for the vacation. He needed to drive her to a health inn in the Black Forest. It isn't known whether they were both there. On account of a somewhat lower reward, he didn't consider an individual, yet the youngster malignancy help. While powerful in the media, he gave his complete pay of 28,000 euros to the association when he left the TV program in 2004 as the principal "Wilderness King". End: With the hit "Anita", the hit star began as a kid during the 1970s. Today he lives and works in Mallorca and has bloomed out of his dad's shadow into a maker and arranger.


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