Katy Perry Net Worth 2023

 Purple hair, shoot the fire from his bra and wear a dress made of glittering dice to promote your single about drunk in Vegas? No it's not to $ ha, Nicki Minaj or Madonna. Miss Katy Perry. Color music and personalities have helped him withdraw millions of fans around the world. He has the second highest number of Twitter followers, above Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama. There are no fans that can be said to be bad about pop stars. His brave clothes and suggestive music were all sugar coated with his strong voice, pleasant attitude and positive message. In 2008 he made himself known throughout the world with his hit hit I kissed a girl. The song sells millions of copies and gets popstar more than $ 4 million in his pocket.

Katy Perry has accumulated a net worth of $ 75 million. He returned to the studio who worked on the follow-up of a dream of teenagers who might have fans pushing more dollars for the album, and concert tickets. His last international tour in 2011 sold throughout the world with ticket prices reached above $ 1,000 to meet Diva itself. Katy also wrote his own music that gave him a lump sum which was greater than his own money. Without new music and concerts, he can still attract $ 39 million in 2013. Yes, I said $ 39 million. This b * tch is certainly rich.He is currently divorced from Russell Brand's ex-husband who he claims to deceive himself and ask for a divorce through text messages in 2011. Yes it's a real classy Russell!

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