Total Biscuit Net Worth 2023

 British commentator John Bain, known as Totbiscuit, is a Youtube celebrity who is famous for his comments in various matches. Brit and TotalHalibut Cynical are the nicknames he gets online because his personality is brave and insolent. Let's tell you more about him and his clean wealth. 

Early Life

On July 8, 1984, in Spennymoor, England, John Bain was welcomed into this world. He became one of the founders of Live365 when he was only 13 years old. Bain received a degree in law at De Montfort University.

He organized music performances from extreme metal genres at university radio stations called Demon FM.

Career And Achievements

After having a successful university metal music show, Bain turned to Radio Talk on the World of Warcraft radio station, where he hosted Blue Plz. The World of Warcraft family loved it and he was invited to BlizzCon 2005. He worked at the World of Warcraft Radio for five years and even became the executor director. John Bain became runner-up from the greatest Youtube gamer category in the 2012 Gold Joystick or The People's Gaming Awards. Will Porter, Eurogamer's personality, called Bain as a champion of the Indie game. In 2012, Bain won the Royale battle and donated his prize money to a non-profit organization named Charity: Water. He entered the McVuk Brit list and won the game award in 2014. 

Totalbiscuit  Net Worth

On his YouTube channel, Bain has more than two million subscribers. His net worth is estimated at up to $2 million.After marrying Genna Bain, John Bain moved to America. In 2018, he confirmed the return of his cancer and said he would try to be a subject for clinical trials in cancer. In April he retired from his game reviewing and unfortunately died in May.

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