Pilot Jones Net Worth 2023


  • Real Name: Justin Jones

  • Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Net Worth: $100,000

  • Occupation: Singer/ Actor Glee

  • It has become a whirlwind of the main headline since Rob Kardashian started SL * T embarrassing the mother of her daughter dreaming on social media. Rob and Blac Chyna are trendy topics for weeks when Rob releases one of the charge against his mark. The accusation was very horrendous that Jones Ex Pilot Chyna had to talk.In the middle of filming, the reality series is called the Miami list, TMZ follows the pilot. He said that nudes too far but failed to comment on his feelings for Rob and how he handled the separation between his ex.It seems a little strange that the R & B singer will be so hush on what happened between the two especially after he and Rob were in a big altercation just a few months ago. A few days before Chyna entered the labor pilot released her photos in bed with Chyna insinuating that she might be a father and did not rob. In his defense, the fiance of The Overnight Kardashian Contact Pilot directly with several threats. He threatened to beat ** long with every Mexican person in LA and called him p * ssy n * gg * several times. The threat was so hard that the singer contacted the authorities.

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