Tinsley Mortimer net worth 2023

 Famous by involvement in the reality of the shows in America and as an American socialist, this asset as an average age actor is intended for admiration. Everyone met and remembered her through his appearance in his own "high-company" and "Real Housewives New York" TV. "

 His ex-husband is a thriving businessman who keeps the distance from Media Robert Mortimer Livingston. To learn more about this rich woman and background, follow the article below.  

Early Life

The date of birth of Tinsley Mortimer was August 11, 1976. By the horoscope, she is Leo. The city of his birth is Richmond, Virginia and she is the second child in George Riley Mercer Jr. and Dale Mercer. His name from his older sister is Dabney. She is a person with great pedigree since her parents were educated and a rich couple. His father was an investor at the property and his mother was a home designer. She attended Lawrenceville High School and later at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. His degree is a BA in the art history of Columbia University.  


In addition to being present on television, this multiplied woman is also interested in fashion. Therefore, she created a Japanese line of clothes and bags for Samantha Thavasa. Madison Avenue Shop found his bags quite trendy and attractive and bought them all! The Centel, Riccime of Tinsley Mortimer, is at hand in the selection of Japanese stores. Talking about his actor career, she showed her face through the second episode of the popular TV show "Gossip Girl". His performance was staggering in his reality program, "Haute-Society" in 2010. The creator of this show was Andrew Glassman and Mike Aho. Other than that, the hearing followed her in the role of judge in the television series of the Fashion Show frShe was invited as a guest with her mother on the show Dr.Phil. In addition, she decorated pages of many magazines such as Vestal in 2012, Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Marie Claire. One of its latest interim devotions was in 2017 when she involved "real women at the home of New York".  

Personal Life

Celebrity had been married for several years at its high school, love Robert Mortimer. They crowned their love with the wedding in 2002, but unfortunately they did not last long. They divided into 2009. In the meantime, she had some short relationships. Some of his boyfriends were Constantine Maroulis, Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Brian Maza. Currently, she is engaged in Scott Kloth. They are dating for a while. The successful actress is quite mobile on social networks - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She has an army on her profiles on her profiles.  

Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth 2020

Starting from 2020, Tinsley Mortimer has a net worth estimated at $ 35 million. The fact that we know about it is that she likes to live in a hotel and she loves a luxurious lifestyle. As a result, it stays in an exceptional hotel in New York and it recently decorated its apartment with more colors.

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