Etika Net Worth 2023

 Ethics are known as Youtuber and social media personality. You might also know him as a video game reviewer. He became popular when he began playing, flowing, and reviewing the Nintendo game. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 29. That is, they first realized that he was missing on June 19, 2019.

 Given that he had posted a suicide video on YouTube just before that, the situation became worrying. Only two days later, they found his personal items along the Manhattan Bridge, and on June 25, they found an unknown body that turned out to be ethics. Ethics was born in May 1990. His father Emmanuel Owuraaku Amofah was a lawyer and politician who served as a member of the Board for the Ghana Parliament. The ethics career began in July 2012, when he uploaded his first video titled "Atari Rare game found in storage for sale at more than $ 33,000." As mentioned earlier, he posted mainly the reviews of Nintendo's game, as well as a reaction to several popular anime shows, such as attacks on Titan and one male punch.  His career as YouTuber began to develop quite quickly, and he finally had more than 2 million views and more than 800rb customers. But then in October 2018, the channel was closed after he violated several content guidelines. Besides YouTube, you can also find the video on the Twitch platform, where it has more than 5,000 followers. He is also popular on Twitter, where he has more than 320 thousand followers. Finally, there is Instagram, where more than 240k people follow it. The personal life of ethics, we have mentioned that his father came from Ghana. But he is a French descendant, too. The last boyfriend he dated was Alice Pika. Before his death, his net worth was estimated at around $ 100 thousand. His mental details began in October 2018 when the channel was banned after he posted a pornography video.  Then in April 2019, he even posted a suicide threat. Immediately after, in May 2019, he was taken to a mental hospital. His last video on YouTube was posted on June 19, 2019. It was titled "Sorry." In this video, he said: "Sorry for leaving a stained heritage like that." The video was removed shortly after the tragedy. The exact cause of death was still under investigation.

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