Cote De Pablo Net Worth 2023

 The Pablo coast absolutely impressive has announced that it will come out of the series that turned it into an American NCIS star. She has been in the series as she begins in 2005 and was hired as the main character. The program still saves more than 4 million viewers per episode and has earned a salary of $ 100,000 per episode. Yes, she was really peeling. The 41-year-old boy is not just an actress, but she has a voice as attractive as her beauty. She sang a temptation of songs that appeared in one of the episodes of the series.

Cote has humble beginnings in Chile. She was born María José de Pablo Fernández in Chile, but her mother who was also in the entertainment industry was contracted to work in Miami, which leads the whole family to move to America. The net worth of it is $ 9 million.

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