Tim Gunn Net Worth 2023

 Guru style, teacher, mentor and now judges on the Runway Tim Gunn project is worth $ 10 million in 2013. The style expert known for his stoic and kind personality wins $ 1 million in season 12 of the television series. The show broke records when created in the life of life the highest series noted. Before being invented by millions of the most elegant television viewers of television, was the president of the Fashion Design Department in Parsons. He taught at school for 10 years in textiles, sewing and design before being rewarded. Today, his celebrity has made him face of several major brands, including HP computers. More recently,

he received $ 200,000 for a one-year contract with Nespresso. He also published several books, including a guide for the taste and style of quality. Gunn was paid $ 1 million for the publication agreement.Gunn was born in Washington D.c. in 1953. The 69 years had an intense childhood with struggles surrounding his sexuality. His family was homophobic that leads him to hide his sexuality. As a teenager, he tried to commit suicide by swallowing 100 tablets that lead to an overdose of drugs leaving him hospitalized for 5 days. Before being presented to Gunn mode was an FBI agent under the J. Edgar Hoover. It was only up to finishing his studies in sculpture at Colcoran College of Art and conceived that he has translated his creativity to fashion.Tim currently lives in New York. He was single since he and his ex splits themselves in the 1980s. Gunn says he is now asexual and does not plan to be in another relationship

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